Our beautiful store was born out of a desire to create a way to shop that was a bit different. I wondered...could I build a community, a place to help women feel seen and loved and little bit less lonely? Could I do this centred around pretty clothes and fashion?

I got to thinking about and remembering my own experiences of going shopping with my mum on a Saturday morning and how we'd chat and have coffee and buy gorgeous things and chat to the ladies at our favourite boutique who knew us by name and would pick out things they thought we'd love.

Now here I am,  a mum of 3 girls, and I wanted someone to help me! So I knew other ladies wanted this too....heck we need it!

I wanted easy to wear, mum friendly, absolutely gorgeous boho pieces that I could throw on at the drop of a hat!

I missed this in a world of fast fashion and plastic packaging and navigating Westfield with kids in tow was not fun. I wanted more!

So in November 2016, when with baby Annaliese almost always napping on my knee, I started to create what I hoped to be something special...and it's grown and still growing into a community ...more than I could ever have imagined.

We now have a shop space at 20 Daly St Marian Qld and our flagship store at 1/225 Mt Glorious Rd, and a 24/7 online store.

I'm so blessed and grateful and take nothing for granted. I still do a little cheer that you would choose to shop with me.

With love and blessings, Janine xxxx