What's in your handbag?
Do you remember a few years back it was really on trend to have a nice big handbag?
I had a rather large faded blue coloured hobo slouchy style bag. The kind that if you didn't pick both handles up at the same time everything would fall out of.
Once I remember sitting in a cafe with a friend and because of the openness of the bag, somebody reached in while we were chatting and stole my very expensive, brand new Prada sunglasses.
I remember that I could never find anything in this bag. It was so full of everything and it weighed an absolute tonne! I would do these clean outs in an attempt to find a lost lipgloss or 2 but end up with about 20 lipsticks and glosses, alongside loads of crumbs from half eaten muffins I'd shove in there on the run, and hair bands ands bobby pins, post it notes and pens with no lids on them.
It was completely overwhelming.
I was thinking our lives can become like those big handbags.
We can say yes to carrying around a load of junk and holding onto things we don't even need to be carrying about day after day.
Worse if your life is like a slouchy handbag, things get stolen, like your time! Everything can spill out and you end up with a big mess.
So ......
I don't even have a handbag as such anymore. I have a little pouch that I just fit in my essential things for day to day life. and a couple of things I love....
So my challenge for you today is.... What can you let go of in your daily handbag of life?
I challenge you to pare it back. You don't have to say yes to absolutely everything and then break you back trying to fit it all in there.
I encourage you to just carry the essentials and the things you really love.
Have a great day, Love Janine xxx
February 23, 2021 — Janine Gierus