Today as I was looking at some gorgeous Stella McCartney bags on line, I had this crazy thought about how do they make faux suede?
Then it got me on this whole train of thought ...
When you think about it everything that we wear or touch or drive has been thought of, worked on and created by a human being somewhere in time.
Like they had a seed of an idea and kept plugging away at it. Testing it, failing over and over, trying new things again and again til they worked it out.
One thing I just love is an evening swim. I often float on my back looking at the stars and think wow! I really am just a speck in the universe. I think of all the other human beings that have gone before me.
Like the ones that invented things like the faux suede (lol) and think wow, it seems like such an impossible thing to kind of make or even to think of.
Yet they did it! It really inspires me.
Another thing I love is going to the shops and sitting watching the world go by. It is just so interesting to see how diverse people are. The choices they make with clothes and hair and partners. I find it completely fascinating.
Yet in all the diversity, deep down underneath it all I think we are all fundamentally the same.
We all have desires and needs and wants. We all feel and make judgements and choices. Whatever we face someone somewhere at sometime has gone through it.
Yet in all of this we are unique. Isn’t that so cool?!
Everyone of us has a one of a kind fingerprint, an individual personality and a purpose.
So I encourage you today, just to be yourself.
Embrace your uniqueness and don’t try to be like someone else. If you are trying new ideas keep going, you never know how what you’re working on could affect future generations.
Use your speck of time to make a difference.
Love Janine xxxx
February 20, 2021 — Janine Gierus