Hi lovely ladies,

Wow! Well it feels like forever since I wrote my last blog post! 

We’ve been extremely busy for the past few weeks and if you follow us on Instagram or Facebook you would have seen that we were in beautiful Tasmania for 10 days on a family holiday, followed by another 10 days in Brisbane at beautiful Scarborough in a lovely old Queenslander overlooking the beach while Mark attended Pastor’s conference.  Having this time away, switched off from technology was just like a calming balm to not just my soul, but also for my husband and girls too.

It was a wonderful time of reflection, lots of walks and downtime in nature, and good to just have some time to think, reflect and work on some new projects… Recently I’ve seen a lot of posts from fellow small business owners or entrepreneurs and it amazes me that we all go through the same ups and downs, the same highs and the same doubts and fears.

What I’m learning more and more on this journey of running a small business and all the other projects I’m working on (not telling yet lol),  is the need for us all to be true to ourselves in whatever we do.  It’s really never about trying to follow someone else’s journey or worrying that your journey doesn’t follow the same path as someone else. Everyones journey is unique and I think once we accept that as fact, it cuts out the need to be competitive or anxious or worried about where we are headed. It’s hard sometimes when you have a vision and you just want it to work out perfectly straight away and to look and be what you can foresee. My husband keeps telling me, it's about getting the small things right first...and he's right! (don't tell him I said that) What’s become truth to me is that it’s really about all the really small steps along the way, the learning, the growing…..In Miley’s words, it’s the climb! (naff yes I know but so true)

As women I feel we are constantly judged by our looks, our age, our weight, if we are an at home mum or have a career, have kids or no kids…the list goes on. I’ve heard so many supremely gifted and talented women say they can’t do something because they are too old and the boat’s passed them by. What an absolute load of rot! It’s time we changed these kind of perceptions and push against these stereotypes.

My singing teacher Penelope is in her 70’s now and she is bloomin' amazing! She still teaches, creates amazing shows and performs. BTW she has the most amazing operatic voice I’ve ever heard in my life! Her beauty and energy and sparkle blows my mind! I decided many years ago that I wanted to be like her, embracing life and opportunities.

Life is a journey and we should always push for our place in whatever it is we feel called to do. Don’t let someone tell you you can’t do something that is in your heart, it may take time….no scratch that it WILL take time, and hard work too, but wouldn’t you rather work towards something that lights you up inside instead of going through the motions day after day doing something that kills your spirit? I know it’s hard when people close to you don’t support you. This is something I’ve had to deal with too but what I’ve discovered is that sometimes people you don’t expect will become your biggest supporters, it’s amazing! When we start to step out in our calling it’s amazing how God provides what we need. I’ve had so many of these moments, I can’t explain them in any other way…

One of the other things I’ve had to think through, reflect on and come to accept is that I will always be someone with many passions and interests and always, always have more than one project on the go!  If you’re like me you will understand that this doesn’t always please people you know. For years, I tried to fit into an acceptable box with a lovely nice label on it of who I should be or that I couldn’t do something unless I followed a path well trodden, but it’s funny as I get older, I feel less inclined to do anything that’s expected and instead I seem to seek out to do things that are unexpected of me. 

So I challenge you…do something today that’s unexpected but true to your heart and if you see a way you can help someone else, help them out! Be happy!


Til next time!

Love Janine xxxxx

June 11, 2017 — Afterpay Integration