With so much going on in the world atm it's hard not to feel overwhelm. I'm constantly reading fb updates that bring up a whole range of emotions, anger, frustration, sadness... it's hard not to feel like you just want to go and hide.
The thing is, it's times like these that the world needs you step up and step out.
So many of you write to me and tell me you're struggling especially with finding the confidence to do just that.
To step out in the world and make a difference in whatever field you're in.
A lot of the time it's because we are worried about what people will say. I will be honest here and say I've been told things like I give too much of myself away or that I've been posting too much or a lot, or that I'm sharing far too much personal stuff.
The thing is if you truly have a genuine heart to serve it's never about you.
If I'm totally honest, I don't find my confidence to do what I do whether it's singing or in this business Roar & Foam that I love so much in myself at all. There are many days I definitely don't feel like showing up, particularly those bad hair days of which I'm having many atm. (Why hairdressers don't return calls is beyond me) But anyhoo.....
The truth is my confidence comes from my faith and also from a deep conviction that somehow and somewhere just by me showing up, I'm helping someone. I'm bringing a little bit of joy to my audience.
If that means that sometimes I stuff up things then that's ok too.
It also doesn't mean I have it all together because I definitely don't. I'm exactly like you with all the same doubts and fears that creep in.
The thing is, now in my 40's I'm actually quite happy in not being perfect because I have this deep call within me that what I'm doing is what I'm meant to be doing in this season of my life I just think stuff it, I'm me and that's all I can be and so regardless of what anyone thinks, I'm doing my thing.
So I encourage you. Find your confidence by just accepting who you are and embracing all of you, freckles and all.
Go shine your light out there!
Love Janine xxx
February 18, 2021 — Janine Gierus