Do you have little rituals that you do every morning?
Everyday my husband Mark wakes me at 6am with a coffee with a little heart on top!
I’m a slow starter and love nothing more than waking up to a coffee, reading my devotion and just a little time to get myself together before the mad school rush.
I cherish this time of my day so much...
It’s one of the reasons I pop a coffee satchet or tea bag in with every order. It’s so you can cherish a moment or two also.
Years ago Mark bought me this mug. It says
Enjoy your life every day!
It reminds me every morning to enjoy my life and even when things feel busy or frustrating, stop, breathe and find something to be thankful for.
Take a minute to do just that!
Love J xxx
February 17, 2021 — Janine Gierus