Is anyone else missing holidays?
For as long as I can remember every year we’ve planned a holiday away somewhere, but now with Covid, it all just seems like a dream so far into the future.
There are days like today when I just long to get on a plane and go somewhere I haven’t been before. I think in someways I’ve been grieving this freedom that we had, I miss the days gone by of exploring back streets, getting a glimpse of how the locals live, and just the renewal a good holiday can bring to our souls.
2020 was hard, but 2021 when many of us are feeling a bit weary is also tough. We’re getting to that point where if you’re like me and have family living in other states, the time apart is getting really really long.
I got talking with my hubby about this a few weeks back and he had an idea that if we couldn’t travel, then perhaps we could explore Brisbane where we live, and for an hour or two just pretend we were on holiday.
So as we do when we travel, we’ve been researching the hidden gems and secret spots of Brisbane.
So far we’ve discovered the most fabulous Thai place that I seriously wanted to lick the plate.
We’ve eaten Vegan Brownies at I heart brownies - a little hidden gem.
We went to a totally different part of Brissie and had the most incredible pizza and gnocchi I’ve ever tasted.
We’ve tucked ourselves away in cool cafe’s in Paddington and went to a live music event at the Tivolli a super awesome 1920’s speakeasy inspired theatre where we were served champagne by candlelight while watching the show.
Next we are going to explore the valley (Fortitude Valley), actually I think I'll be exploring it with my awesome friend Kathryn because she tells me there's some incredible shops ....
it doesn’t take away the sadness that.... this year again there will be no holiday overseas, no interstate travel.....but it’s given me new perspective.
Things aren’t so bad! It has helped me to count my blessings.
I’d love to hear your little secret spots where you live! Hopefully one day, I’ll be able to check it out!
Love Janine x
February 04, 2021 — Janine Gierus