Hey everyone! It’s been a while since I last wrote on the blog… I hope you are all doing well! 


As for me and our little family, it’s been a very busy time. We have just got back from a 3 week trip away to Adelaide and England to see my Auntie who is unwell and we managed to have a little holiday too visiting some of the most gorgeous places imaginable and it was wonderfully inspiring being over there! 

Saying that we had many moments with many challenges which I’ll go into later…and all of this got me thinking about how we choose to overcome challenges in our life, how as mothers with small children, or 9-5 jobs or difficult family and life situations, or feelings of unworthiness or hopelessness, how can we overcome these and work out a way to achieve the dreams we hold in our hearts.

If you’re anything like me, there are times when you just want to lose it, drop the bundle and chuck a major wobbly. I’ve discovered for me, these are usually times when I feel I’ve lost control over a situation or something isn’t happening that I want to happen. 

Over the past few years I’ve lost a lot of control over my life. Firstly in 2015 my husband was sent to be the Pastor of the Lutheran Church here in Mackay and we were basically sent thousands of kms away from family and friends with little to no say at all. For those of you who have done this in your life,  to say it is a leap of faith is an understatement. Here I was in the tropics in the heat and oh my Lord there were beware of crocodile signs, there were beware of shark signs, there were threats of cyclones and dengue fever, it was so much to take on board!

 It truly did throw me in the deep end, after all I married a primary school teacher and never for a minute thought we would go into ministry and I say “we” because this is a team journey we are undertaking and neither of us really knew how we were going to be but we took each day at a time, breathed and prayed and were thankful for every single thing in our lives even the most difficult things.

This act of being thankful does something to you, it changes you inside. When you can see the blessings in each day, in each interaction and in every situation you start to react differently, you start to change, become less selfish and self centred and you start to care more about others than yourself and your own plans. In fact your dreams and goals start to become centred around what can YOU do to make someone else’s life better.

We had an incident on the plane to England where I fell very ill and on arrival in Abu Dhabi for the change over to our flight to Manchester, I found myself in the medical centre on a drip with very low blood pressure and was told they would not allow me to fly until the next day. On arrival in Manchester the next day, we were told our luggage was still in Abu Dhabi and wouldn’t arrive for another 24 hours. By this stage, our two younger daughters had also became ill and we were all covered head to toe in vomit and feeling quite seedy to say the least. After being at the airport for 3 hours, we then had to drive around trying to find somewhere to pick up some pjs and clothes to put on. In the midst of this our littlest one fell very ill and vomited all over the hire car! As she is so young we quickly took her to the hospital in Manchester and ended up in the children’s ward. Now these kind of events are definitely challenging, they push you to the brink but I decided to be thankful and find the blessings in the situation and everything ended up being just fine. We met so many beautiful nurses, doctors and medical staff, we met people in the airport that shared with us their stories and I had two lovely girls helping me pick out some clothes for us all at the shops and shared with  me stories about visiting Australia. All of these were just small things but they made a difficult situation less challenging and in the end everything worked out and the funny thing was people we met were thankful that they had met us even in these most unlikely places!

It’s been a fun journey learning to just go with the flow and trust God’s plan for my life. Saying it is one thing, truly living it out is another but we need to keep trying. As human beings our emotions are part of who we are and suffering is just a part of being human and being alive. There are always ways to get around problems and situations we just have to seek them out and these challenges cannot become excuses for not fulfilling what we need to do it just might look differently for one person to another. Every single one of us has such a unique path to follow and I’ve learned that it’s all in God’s season and timing not in our own. I embrace the joyful moments and squeeze as much as I can out of them!

So I encourage you today to keep persevering through the challenges life throws at you, be thankful in every situation good or bad and love others not just in words which mean very little, but in actions. It takes a lot more effort to call someone and say are you ok? than it does to text and say I love you. Just a thought to end on…..


Bye for now, lots of love Janine xxx

September 08, 2017 — Janine Gierus