Last night I watched Anh’s Brush With Fame on SBS. If you’ve not seen it before it’s a show where Anh Do paints a portrait of a celebrity guest while interviewing them about their lives. It’s a fascinating show and I love watching it because you get a real insight into the people he talks to.


Last night he interviewed Fiona Wood a British Born Plastic Surgeon who lives in Perth and after the Bali Bombings of 2002 led a team who treated and saved 28 patients suffering from terrible burns caused by the attack. 


As I sat there watching, I felt like my heart was bursting open and I had floods of tears pouring down my face in admiration of this incredible woman (who hates looking at photos of herself and was so nervous about what Anh was going to paint) and all I could think of was WOW! Fiona is just so wonderful and although she herself can’t see it, I just thought she was incredibly beautiful and the passion and positivity that radiate from her eyes….well as you can probably tell lol, she just blew me away. If you haven’t seen it watch it!


I love stumbling across people like Fiona, they uplift you, they inspire you and they just make you want to be better at whatever it is you are called to do. A while back, I made this my personal mission for my life and I decided that whatever it was that I was going to do, I had to do it with a heart for inspiring, encouraging and uplifting/empowering others particularly other women and it’s not enough to just say this but it means actually going out and doing!  Whether I’m here behind a screen typing away, talking to a mum at the playground, interacting with a beautiful customer, wrapping up a sale or singing in public it’s all with a heart to serve and love other people with joy. I actually really really love seeing other women rise and achieve their dreams, it’s just so wonderful!


Joyce Meyer in her book “Never Give Up” gives a wonderful analogy about Eagles and Chickens. She talks about how Eagle chicks are thrown out of their nests on the top of mountains and need to fly or fall. They gather their courage and strength to soar with other eagles, they are not threatened by other eagles soaring high but they are inspired by them. Chickens are always running around after each other scratching in the ground not doing much of anything. They eat the scraps of life and scratch at the ground nipping at each other. If another chook is in their nest they feel threatened and inconvenienced and cluck and nip and carry on. They fight over food as if there will never be enough for them all. They are always looking for someone to lead them and there is always a boss chook that they all try to keep happy.


So my question is to you… Do you want to scratch around like a chicken or do you want to soar like an Eagle? It might be difficult, it will definitely put you out of your comfort zone but you have one life so you might as well make it count!


With love til next time,

Janine xxxxx


June 29, 2017 — Janine Gierus