Have you ever had someone tell you you can’t do something you really want to do?
Do you tell yourself oh I’m too old, too young, not qualified enough, not pretty enough, don’t have enough time, talent, fitness, or someone else is already doing it better etc....
Have you put on a dress you really love and feel amazing in and someone has said hmmm I don’t think that’s really you... so you took it off never to be worn again.
I encourage you to be discerning about who you chose to listen to and which opinions you value.
Don’t listen to voices that say you’re too old to wear this or to do that! Be true to the unique person you are.
Really when it comes down to it, it’s your voice and your opinion of yourself that really matters.
If you have a dream in your heart it’s there for a reason.
A friend of mine is starting a counseling course today in her 50’s. It’s something she has dreamt about her whole life. I am so darn proud of her!!
I feel like jumping up and down with delight!
So friends take a small step towards it today. That thing you have in your heart. It might be to buy a new dress that you love, to find out about that course you’ve dreamt of or to try a pilates class.
Whatever it is!  Dig deep and go for it!
You have one life! Be free to be who you were created to be!
There’s nothing like the freedom you experience when you step into what you’re meant to do.
I know when I sing, I am just transported. I feel like I’m just in this flow of life. Everything else falls away and I am just free to be the true me.
Have a fab day! Let me know what your dream is!
Love J xxx
February 17, 2021 — Janine Gierus