Good Morning!
Today I just wanted to encourage you if you are finding yourself at a crossroad in life.
Have you ever taken a chance and looked back and thought I wonder where I would be if I had of said no instead of yes to the choice/opportunity placed before me.
Yesterday I posted a pic of me with my husband Mark back in 2011. 2011 was a massive year for me in more ways than one!
In 2011, Mark and I said yes to the opportunity to go teach in a small town in rural Victoria called Nhill. We went for a year with nothing more than Jade and our Nissan Tiida Hatchback.
We had no money, no furniture, just us and a suitcase. The only part of Victoria I'd ever been to was Melbourne once to celebrate Christmas with my friend Lisa and here I was driving across the Nullabor heading to a destination unknown.
Saying yes to going to Nhill changed the course of my life forever. Leaving my home town in WA, my comfort zone, people I loved, to head to somewhere I'd never even heard of before wasn't easy. We lived in a little 1 bedroom unit which was part of a weigh station on the main highway between Adelaide and Melbourne.
I cried every day for the first 3 months, it was so so hard. I was so homesick.
Finally I got to the end of myself, pulled myself together and started a small drama school which I called Velvet Rope Theatre Academy.
After a whole heap of local kids turned up to the first class, I threw myself headfirst into a production of Charlotte's web.
It was my first foray into running my own little business but more than that, it did something inside of me.
It made me step out. It made me just that little bit bolder. It taught me that life is not about me and focussing in on my needs but it's about how I can help others.
It also taught me that sometimes if you reach out to people, they are more than happy to help and this is a blessing to others.
At the time I couldn't of imagined that using my background and skills in theatre to create a little production could bring so much joy to these kids and the community, but it did!
So I encourage you. If you're at a Crossroad and you're hesitating without good reason, say yes!
I will be forever thankful for that year in Nhill. Since then we have still not headed back to WA but have been on an adventure and have lived in Vic, SA and now Qld.
Have a wonderful blessed day, love Janine xx
The pic below is from our Velvet Rope Theatre Christmas Party after our finale of Charlotte's Web Dec 2011.
February 15, 2021 — Janine Gierus